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Hi, I am just getting into learning the Tenor Sax and decided that as life is getting shorter (over 40 now), rather than get a student sax I would spend a little extra by purchasing a Yanigasawa T901.
As I am from New Zealand (where we get really ripped off for instruments) I e-mailed three US stores to discuss purchase. 123Music and Kesslers didn't even have the courtesy of responding :x .
However Mathew from SAXFORTE provided oustanding e-mail response to my queries and gave me the level of confidence required when you pay up front to get something shipped 8000miles. Consequently I purchased the sax and several accessories from him. The sax arrived in great order via UPS in under one week and I gotta say to anyone from outside the USA that this is the guy to deal with. Excellent response and service - thanks Mathew.
Now comes the fun part - baaaahp (oops that's the neighbors dogs I hear):D

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