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Much of the conversation here at SOTW revolves around:

1. French Saxophones (Selmer, and others)
2. American Saxophones (Buescher, Conn, King, Martin)
3. Japanese Saxophones (Yamaha, Yanagasawa)

Who else makes good saxes from around the world?

Germany -- Keilwerth? Kohlert?


Other nationalities?

How would you define the differences? The German clarinets I have heard are darker and rounder than the French, with the American clarinets coming somewhere in the middle. Would this generality apply to the German saxes as well?

Who makes Italian saxes, and are any of them any good? Do they have a national flavor of tone like French or American saxes?

Are there any other good saxes from other nationalities?

To my ears, the Japanese saxophones have the brightest modern tone, but the least flexibility of tone (could be good or bad, depending upon what you want and need).

Anyway, I am trying to engender some conversation about nationalism in saxophones. Thanks for any input you share.

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Italy: Borgani, Rampone & Cazzani....highly rated by their fans.

Taiwan: lots.... various, some good, many not
ROC: ditto

'Multi-national hybrids'..such as my Hanson, partially made in Germany, Taiwan and ROC, and assembled in UK :D

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Weril - made in Brasil:
I have never seen or heard a Weril sax, but as Gary would tell you, search this forum. I seem to recall a thread or two on Weril. As best as I can recall, they were considered nothing special.

Toptone - made in Netherlands I think and interesting because they are padless! I think they have neoprene key cup pads. Poppity - pop - pop (I guess).

India - makes the infamous, wall decoration horns - brand name is Simba (watch out, these are unplayable).

Amati - Amati Kraslice - fairly good woodwinds and other instruments from Czech Republic:

Did anyone mention the Yam and Yan of Japan?

They made horns in the former Soviet Union but I have heard they were based on obsolete US vintage instruments (Conn's and Beuchers) and were built like T -40 tanks and about as musical. There are some SOTW'ers from Ukraine who can probably tell you about these.

Mexico gets the blame for the Mexi-Conn saxophones.

There seems to be some production or assembly of custom saxophones in the UK and one their folks can tell us more about that.

Don't fail to check out the unblievably beautiful (expensive) high and low saxophones made in Germany by Epplesheim (Tubax, etc.).:

Generally saxophone production is moving inexorably to the third world. I cherish my B & S Medusa saxophones from the Vogtland area of Germany. Sadly they are no longer in production.

Any one know of any other saxophone manufacturing outside of China?

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Something strange from an Italian sax maker, Rampone and Cazzani: I just visited the Rampone and Cazzani website and discovered that they are manufacturing a new (to me at least) instrument: the "alessophono," or the contralto saxophone. Does anyone know anything about this? It looks interesting. I wonder whether it's a new take on the C-Melody, or (as Jim Schmidt insists about his contralto) a distinct instrument.

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weril spectra II

i own a Weril spectra II tenor sax. I am NOT a very experienced player but i know a few things. My werils intonation is pretty good and the sound is a bit dark...but the over all quality is not worth the 1100 euro i had to pay. I also believe the metal is made of is too soft and delicate because with no reason two of the keys (located on the bell) have bended leading not to close correctly. i am thinking of buying a better one really soon
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