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hi all,

today I had a day off from work and drove to Holland to visit De saxofoonwinkel (3 hours drive) to test some vintage horns. I currently rent a YAS23 from that shop but if I buy a sax now, I can get my paid rent as a reduction on the sax:mrgreen:

I had the chance to test 9 different saxophones within my budget:
Yanagisawa A800 (1990)
King Zephyr special (1937)
Conn 6M (1963)
Vito LeBlanc (1950)
King Cleveland
Martin Handcraft (1926)
Martin Imperial (1968)
and 2 Martin Indianas.

One of them was :tsk:
but the other one was fan-tas-tic and blew all the other horns away!
smooth, soft, wide, warm tone. I fell in love with the sax and I had it reserved for me. It's been fully revisioned (new pads etc...). It even has the original case and warrantee documents:lick:

yes, pictures :lick:

feel free to comment
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