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Sax Teacher / Egypt

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I am currently looking for a Saxophone teacher in Cairo / Egypt.
If anyone has any contact or info please reply asap.
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Try talking to this guy, he sent me a message here a while back, so I just remembered him. He was a sax teacher in Cairo last time I spoke to him:
I'm pretty sure John has moved to Europe.


How's Cairo as a place to live?
Hmmm... interesting. John and I grew up together. Played together many a time. I was at his wedding. Didn't get the note about him moving. I'll send him an email. I actually opened the thread to recommend him. Perhaps he has a colleague or two that he can recommend.

Chris S
I've been wrong before, but I'm pretty sure he moved to Budapest.

Actually, I believe rleitch is right, his profile now says Budapest. He might have contacts that could help amiazi like Chris said.
His profile does say Hungary, but his website still says Cairo. Seems like he had a good thing going in Cairo (haven't looked at his site in a few months, just read the review that they did in the newspaper..... quite impressive). Maybe something better came up? Klezmer anyone? ;)

Still waiting for a reply.
OK, I'm here.
Though here is Hungary....
Cairo is dead now.
Actually, all the saxophonists I knew there, even the ones I wouldn't recommend, left this summer.
The best bet is to go to After 8 downtown on a wednesday night and check out the Riff Band. They are on Qasr El Nil, if you are from Egypt, you probably know it. Whoever is playing with them is as good as it gets.
Be sure to say hello to Semir, the bassist. He can help you out, one of the nicest guys in Egypt. Actually, tell everyone hello for me if you go and ask them to play "Dream a Little Dream of Me."
so is there any sax teacher , onboard ?!
like the thread shows everyone has just left !
may be myself?
As it happens, I'm playing a concert in Cairo on the 16th. Anyone wants to hook up?
that's cool! where are you playing in Cairo warp x?
Great warp x! let me know when u do,
John Dikeman is a nice guy, he was very helpful when i was starting, the scene have change a bit during these years they dont play much jazz in "After 8" pub any more...
if somebody needs a teacher in Cairo you can contact me through pm & i will connect you to someone.
I'm playing at the Al Genaina Theatre on November 16th.
great! will be there, good luck man!
Thanks, let's meet up after the gig.
It's not a jazz concert, I'm playing with a Lebanese singer; classical Arabic music. I'm on clarinet.
Interesting! best of luck, check your PM.
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