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As replied before, sax fingerings on the oboe is in fact a terrible idea. The only thing I support doing is making Eb a slider :twisted: It is an incredibly bad habit of mine not to use side Eb on the oboe! I do try hard to play the oboe well and make my own reeds. I am not a total lazy-*** doubler either. I started making decent reeds not long after I started (- < 1 year). It isn't incredibly difficult if you practice, you should be able to diagnose every reed you make with a fault and improve upon it the next one you make (I wish I could put myself into a light and look at what I did wrong) It's very disappointing how you guys don't make your own reeds. Storebought sax reeds are all fine and dandy, but oboe reeds are a total different world. Even a beginner reed maker is able to make better reeds than storebought. Quality of those things are dreadful and it costs so much. Please at least buy pre-gouged cane and find an oboe teacher. Now if you really can't be arsed to do that, at least buy from a respected oboe player. The cost is the same as storebought and quality is far superior. You aren't students!!!
Please doublers, if you cant take a reed knife, get out of the double-reed section! ... oboe mouthpiece, the first time I heard of that I almost crapped myself. :shock:
Sorry for the rant guys, it really is a form of stress relief

Psst... why isnt laubin/yamaha in the top 6 manufacturers :? yamaha makes excelent professional range oboes, and Laubin ranks up right next to Loree.
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