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Sax, Summertime, and More - New Youtube Channel!

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Hey guys,

I'm starting something new thanks to Dave Pollack's inspirational videos and I wanted to document my process as I improve my playing with my new instructor Chad Lefkowitz-Brown. It's been a process so far, and I just made a quick video to get started!

Let me know what you guys think. I'll be continuing to improve my video editing and saxophone work together, as well as creating new content, suggestions for all, and hopefully recording some good tunes/takes!

Maybe if I trade in my Raiders shirt for a 49ers hat I'll be as good as Dave?
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Hi bro, great to hear you. It';s cool that you are doing this and I love seeing all these creative things that guys are doing now.
Life has changed for all of us, and the musical world is changing with all these videos, right before our eyes.

Enjoy your lessons with Chad. He';s a great guy.
Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it! Loving playing on this piece, and it's one of the main reasons I feel like making content as I've never liked my sound as much as with the Daddy-O!

It's been a great time! Learning curve of video and everything is something I'm still getting a grasp on, but hopefully I can provide some good content for everyone out there!
Summer time is one of my favourite end-of-practice-session noodles.

Please front light your videos. Dave has some sound advice on that. If you have light behind you, the automatic ballance of the camera makes things flicker when you move.
Thank you! I indeed enjoy summertime as well for the end of shed time - which is when I made this. I haven't purchased any special lighting yet, but I'm going to try some different techniques on lighting today to see if I can make it function a little better!
Nice initiative Jared, good luck with the new channel. :)
Thanks Peter! I'm hope to keep things interesting!
Awesome - good luck with it!! Chad is a monster player and from what I've seen a great teacher as well.

As for the football gear, if you wear a 49ers hat you'll play great until you're near the end of a song, then you'll completely fall apart and it'll be a train wreck. Sigh.
Thanks Dave! Happy you checked this out! Gonna rewatch some of your videos and make sure I'm getting everything right!

Maybe the raiders shirt paired with a 49ers hat? Could get me screamed at by some fans at the very least. And my wife is a broncos fan, so maybe I can throw that in too.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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