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Sax Study w/ Tim Price...SKYPE/ NYC or PA.

I provide you with specific projects that will challenge you at your present level without overwhelming you. I will also help you gain the ability to do that.

As a working professional who teaches at one of the top jazz schools ( New School University- NYC) , and also does clinics for Rico Reeds, Selmer and Theo Wanne- this is what I'm here for.

Many times with technique, here too the word “theory” is often
applied. It is, of course, true that a good improvisor must have theoretical knowledge of music. But in the end, what you know is not as important as how and to what level you have absorbed it. It must be practical.
It would seem obvious what I have mentioned so far would make sense, on the real side of music.

It is not enough just to study the rules of the language, you must also speak it. That is, some practice time every day must be spent improvising, using the vocabulary you’ve been absorbing, trying to remain loose in all situations. Eg- Jazz swing, funky jazz, rock & roll, ballads etc.

Let me help you. It's that simple- it's that fun.Any level-any style.

Studios in NYC, Reading, Pa and I teach on SKYPE.
( Also let your band teachers know I do workshops/clinics.I travel and will
be glad to make this work for you & your school )

Get to me at ; [email protected]

Let 2011 be the year for you and your horn!

THANKS- Tim Price
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