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I've bought a couple sax stands and it seems that after a few uses the black on the brace that holds the bell starts rubbing off on my horn. What's the best stand for the money?
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I have a Hercules, and a Hamilton.

The Herc: is quite well constructed with square stock; it is light, sets up and breaks down quick and easy into a small package. The feet are semi-soft rubber so it plants down well. Everything locks with ball-clicks and friction fits. The material that covers the contact points on the sax is very soft and I'm almost certain it will not rub off onto a sax. This is good, but I am a bit concerned about this, because it feels at times I can move the sax while it sits in the stand a bit TOO easily. This is based on owning it for about a year.

The Hamilton: The constrcution doesn't look as study, but it hasn't failed me in the 10 years which I have owned it. It hold my tenor perfectly. The construction is basically a piece of chromed square stock and the framing/legs is flat stock metal. the feet are covered with small tipped rubber, and if feels like it slides a bit more than the Herc, if on an uncarpeted floor. The saxophone contact points are a pliable rubber and it doesn't allow the sax to budge! It MAY, however, leave marks if in a warm setting.

These two stands can be had for less than 30 bucks a piece. I'd take the black marks rubbing off on my sax over have a horn possibly blown over! I'm actually trying to think of a way to get similar material on my Herc because I like the construction but I would feel much better with the "grippy" material... Maybe I'll use some of that stuff that you put in kitchen cabinets to make sure plates/glasses don't slip around?
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