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Hi, sax brothers and sisters

My HirschMusic Publications has recently graduated from Paypal-buttons-in-a-blog to a real-deal storefront with secure downloads.

I'm trying to make the product very user-friendly for performing musicians. The instant downloadables are PDFs so you'll always have a backup copy on your computer. And you can easily email individual parts to your band-mates so they can have a part to practice before your rehearsal or gig.

ANYHOW, if you have minute to spare/waste/procrastinate, please take a peek at the site. And I'd like your suggestions on what can be done to make everything there more useful.

LASTLY, I will mention that you may care to check out the sax quartet titles, which are presently on sale. The original prices are already modest, and these sales prices are a quite a deal.

Among other things, you'll find arrangements of some ***** Spirituals, just in time for African-American History Month. :)

END of little sales pitch. Like I said above, I'm really interested in suggestions and feedback for improving the site.



Thanks for your time, and best wishes from PA,
~ Rick
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