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Sax quartet christmas

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does anyone know where I could find somewhat good arrangements of christmas songs for my sax quartet?
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Bill Holcombe araanged some nice ones for the Gazebo series. I will pull the music and give more info!!!
Also Hymsembles book 2 arranged by Dana Everson is nice.
Ok here's my list:My girls and I sometimes have their friend play and our trio becomes a quartet. Christmas medleys by James Boatman(soprano doesn't always have melody-which is nice);Noel Nouvelet by Jim Engebretson AATB;Christmas Carol Suite Vol1 arranged =by Holcombe SATB opt AATB;hymsembles book 2 by Harold Bergmayer and Dana everson AATB;Christmas Internationale(Harder and hand written parts) by Richard Mauer SATB is a good source for sax quartet music.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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