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Sax Mute Question

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I live in an apartment. For the past few months I have rented out a storage unit to practice. I saw a cloth ring like mute system along with a second matching cloth system that you put on top of it. Do these things really work and allow you to play in an apartment without bothering the neighbors? I would love to be able to play at home without creating a disturbance.
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Empty out a good sized closet, and get some cardboard egg flats -you know the things you get 18 or more eggs in a flat from the grocery- enough to cover the walls from ceiling to floor. You can get them from a dairy or chicken farm. Tack the egg goodies to the wall, get yourself a portable light source, and maybe then you'll have a private practice room. Best part is, you'll sound like "bird":D hahahaha

Maybe not practical for where you live/how much stuff you have stuffed in your closets, but I did this in college, and it worked extremely well.....


ps, carpet or foam mattress pads work as well.....
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