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Hi all,

I'm usually a lurker on here trying to pick-up tips and see what advice SOTW has to offer every now and again.

My latest sax endeavor is to purchase an alto sax in which the seller is from New Port Richey, FL. My dilemma is that I'm way out in the Pacific and don't have the luxury of driving a few hours to meet this fellow and I know it's a stretch and don't know how often a question like mine is asked but here it goes anyway.

Is there anyone on here that could lend a helping hand (expense considered) to inspect a horn for me; playability and general condition etc.? OR can anyone recommend a reputable repair shop in this area that I can ask the seller to bring this sax to for a professional opinion prior to purchase? I'd prefer the advice be kept public for reference as opposed to PMs but definitely take what I can get considering the circumstances.

I'm just after a fair shake on the sax, no high expectations (i.e.-immaculate and pristine/MINT) only want to know if it's a player, has no major issues, pulled neck, and isn't stolen. Aesthetics are a non-issue (lacquer wear).

I do appreciate any readers and more-so any assistance. I really do want this horn and can arrange a meet with the seller. Thanks for reading everyone. I really do have much of respect for those on here willing to offer advice.

Maybe I should start by asking him if he's on SOTW?? :mrgreen:

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