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Do any of you practice and perform so damn much you have ended up with an injury or chronic health problem? What are yours and what are you doing about them?

I have had more than my share since I started playing professionally 17 years ago. The first was carpal tunnel, which got quickly so severe I couldn't even hold a glass. Rather than risk a surgery with a 20% success rate, I consulted some physical therapy types and eventually found two yoga postures that cured my carpal tunnel completely within a few months of doing them daily multiple times. (If you want to know them just ask, I am happy to help anyone suffering from this.) That was in my 20's, and I was very lucky with that one.

I am 41 now. And I have recently started some hardcore sheddin' again and have developed 2 new problems, the worst of which is trigger thumb. My left hand octave key thumb, though it still works fine while I'm playing, actually locks up a while after I'm done and then gets worst at night time where it seizes so bad I have to straighten it back out with the other hand. Anyone else experience this? What did you do? I am just as leery of medical intervention (cortisone injections, surgery) as I was back in my 20's.)

I am also dealing with some minor arthritis, lip sores, and a lower lip that "cramps" or something similar after I'm done playing. I use a lip guard (cut up pieces of EZO Denture Pads) but they are not enough to protect my lip.

Any advice from pros with related issues I would greatly appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...( ! x infinity)
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