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Sax Dakota Calender 2019

This is the month of May 2019... that Joe Lovano and I share in the current Sax Dakota calendar. A great honor.
The beautiful part of this is the long term association Joe and I have with Peter LaPlaca & Sax Dakota. Over six years ago Pete put me in charge of being the spokesperson for the Straight saxophones .Last year at NAMM the project quickly crystallized with Joe and I discussing and performing on these beautiful instruments in the booth

' These calendars are available through Sax I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this.
Thanks to everyone one at Sax Dakota- This year has been very positive, and filled with great forward motion musically.

To see this 2019 Sax Dakota calendar with all the artists & friends involved was very special. If your looking for a cool calendar this is sax no end.:bluewink:


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