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The HR* Custom Dark is Jody Jazz's more traditional option, offering darker tones and a smoother more silky sound.
As the alto can sometimes be overbearing and shrill in areas, the custom dark really helps soften the sound allowing it to sit in a jazz setting more seamlessly.
The rollover baffle is still present in the mouthpiece, but the large chamber really compliments the mouthpiece well.
A great jazz mouthpiece!
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It's nice to see this option out there. I recently looked through the SYOS artist series stuff and they also have a lot of large chambers for alto available, I think we're in a golden age for mouthpiece variety and there are a lot of good options now.

I have an Otto Link STM and it can be very nice - the bottom is very "round" sounding - but it can be a little weak in parts of the range compared to other mouthpieces. This seems like they addressed that. My concept has changed to the opposite end (I've been playing my metalite) but if I was to go back to that mellow sound I would go for this over the regular HR*.
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