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SearjeantSax said:
I am needing to go down to soon and was wondering if anyone fancied goin down there for a get together?
Face Ache Mike and I tried this earlier this year - it ended up being just him, his student and I. Mike was coming from St Helens, a loooong way away, I was only coming from Maidstone, Kent (but I was the one who got lost!).

Mike bought nothing, his student returned a hire sax and bought just the mouthpiece that went with it. I bought a couple of music books only.

But having said that, I'm game to visit again if more than a couple do attend. Searjeant, if it was on the 7th December (although I'd be at work and couldn't get to sax) you could visit our little in-house concert of our concert band in Sevenoaks on that date, at 6.30pm!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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