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Sax and Piano duet easy songs

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So I play saxophone at an intermediate level and my sister plays piano at a very basic level. She is getting frustrated with the songs she plays now and is thinking about quitting. :confused: I was thinking maybe if I could do some recognizable duets she might get back into it a little. So what I'm asking is recommendation for recognizable songs with easy piano parts (she absolutely hates sharps and flats [rolleyes] so please, songs in the key of C) and saxophone part can be easy to near impossible. Thanks a lot! :blob:
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An easy way to play together depending on what kind of music you like s playing chord progressions and play a song on sax to that. That's a good and fast way to learn to play together. After learning a few easy chord progressions you can even make up you own and do improv on your horn.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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