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I have a number of additional cds from our new label here in Norway, SATU.
Check us out at
$10US Dollars into our paypal account gets both of our releases sent to you anywhere in the world. That is pretty much cost price when postage is considered.
Paypal to this address and mention SOTW
replace (at) with @
Both Cds feature some great players from Scandinavia.

Daniel Rorke - San’an

Daniel Rorke (Australia/Norway) Saxophones / Hilmar Jensson (Iceland) Guitar / Rune Nergaard (Norway) Bass / Per Oddvar Johansen (Norway) Drums

Recorded by Jan Erik Kongshaug in Rainbow Studios Oslo, Norway, August 2009.

This recording draws influence from the music of the Japanese shakuhachi, contemporary electronica, Scandinavian folk music, both European and American jazz traditions as well as tonal, atonal and microtonal composition. The majority of the tunes are penned by the saxophonist who is in good company. Many jazz fans will know Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson from his work with Jim Black's Alas No Axis. Per Oddvar Johansen has a number of ECM releaces under his belt with The Source, Trygve Seim and Christian Wallumrød while Rune Nergaard perfoms regularly with Bushman's Revenge who can be heard on the Runegrammofon label.

This CD comes in a funky digipack, shrinked wrapped in cello.


Fear of Faces - The Mismeasure of Man

Daniel Rorke (Australia/Norway) Saxophones and Laptop / Rune Nergaard (Norway) Bass / Tomas Järmyr (Sweden) Drums

Recorded by Stein Bratland in Skansen Lydstudio Trondheim, Norway, May 2009.

Thematic improvisation defines this trio. The Mismeasure of Man is an eclectic mix of music, experiemental yet melodic. This is an interesting mix of European jazz and creative improv. These three blaggards of jazz met at the infamous Trondheim Jazzlinja which has educated the vast majority of Norway's jazz talent over the last few decades. The trio is an international meeting of Australian saxophonist, Norwegian bassist and a Swedish drummer.Rune Nergaard may be familiar to fans of improvised music as the bassist from the group Bushman's Revenge that record on the Norwegian Runegrammofon label. Daniel Rorke has recently released a CD "San'an" also on SATU featuring Nergaard, Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson whose work with Jim Black's Alas No Axis is well known, and Per Oddvar Johansen who already has a number of ECM releases under his belt with the likes of Christian Wallumrød, Trygve Seim and The Source.

There are limited amounts available.

This CD comes in a funky digipack, shrinked wrapped in cello.

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