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Sandner Dynasty or more head scratching

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It seems, I must be creating some disturbances and confusion, :? every time I ask for info about some strange new brand of instrument.:shock: Well, judging from the zero responses, to date, anyway! But, I am looking for an alto, better than student variety - as cheap as pos and as good as there is! (A contradiction, I know). But, with a limited budget, one needs to make sure, the selection will be right! I have just found yet another brand, I never heard before, where the distributor claims the model to be pro level. Since it doesn't show in the price, I am, obviously, interested. It is a German Company - Sandner Dynasty. The alto model is AS200. They have some Taiwanese and Chinese connections. I wonder, if there is anyone with any information or experience on this instrument? There seems to be very little on the net. I could not find anything about playability/sound/ergonomics!!!!!! And yet, the Company seems to be a rather old family affair.
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Zulu: No harm in asking about particular brand names out there. Someone may actually HAVE one!!

But I'm thinking that there are a TON of new brand names out there, most coming from folks who have enough funds to connect with a Taiwanese or Chinese maker and arrange for a dozen gross antique-finish altos with their own house brand on them. When those horns hit the market, the marketing MBA's take over and the stencilled altos become pro-level with German (or French) engineering and a pair of whjite gloves are included.

Could someone pick up a decent saxophone with one of these house-brand names? Maybe - I did when I bought two Kessler Custom saxophones a while back. But I trust Dave Kessler to make sure that what he orders is made well, have the features he requested, and then are tweaked in his store before delivery. I can't say the same for Brand X or Brand Y.

A friend of mine who used to own a store in SoCal bought a bunch of MONIQUE brand altos from China, then re-padded them all and did other tweaks before selling them. His profit margin was so good he could do that. I played one and it was remarkable for the price.

Bottom line? I think you need to raise your budget a bit and look at known brand names. DAVE
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