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Sandner Dynasty or more head scratching

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It seems, I must be creating some disturbances and confusion, :? every time I ask for info about some strange new brand of instrument.:shock: Well, judging from the zero responses, to date, anyway! But, I am looking for an alto, better than student variety - as cheap as pos and as good as there is! (A contradiction, I know). But, with a limited budget, one needs to make sure, the selection will be right! I have just found yet another brand, I never heard before, where the distributor claims the model to be pro level. Since it doesn't show in the price, I am, obviously, interested. It is a German Company - Sandner Dynasty. The alto model is AS200. They have some Taiwanese and Chinese connections. I wonder, if there is anyone with any information or experience on this instrument? There seems to be very little on the net. I could not find anything about playability/sound/ergonomics!!!!!! And yet, the Company seems to be a rather old family affair.
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Thanks for your advice, Dave. You are right, of course. There is so much rubbish being sold around. Well, what drew my attention was the "old German musical instruments family tradition" of Sandner. One assumes it is true. For, I have never heard of this maker. Apparently, the instrument is made in Taiwan and carefully checked and tuned etc. So, maybe it is OK, I don't know. On the other hand, many of these "well known" brands also originate in Taiwan. That was why I asked whether someone heard or had some experience with Sandner. I need that Alto! Looking at a second hand Conn 20M. Made where? In any case, made as a student model (whatever that means). Btw the market in Oz is much smaller for 2nd hand stuff and expensive.
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