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"Sam Falzone wanted the name of Don Ellis to be a household Jazz Name! He didn't care about his own great accomplishments, he cared about Don's legacy first. In 2005 when I went to Buffalo, N.Y. to interview Sam for my Film ELECTRIC HEART, The Don Ellis Story it was a unforgettable experience. He had laid out on his large Dining Room Table all the memory's he had of Don Ellis. There was sheet music, photos and even Don's wallet that was mailed to him after Ellis's death. He proceded on his upper porch-deck to tell me the story of Don Ellis how he saw it. He gave me a incite into the man like I never heard before. He knew I was not there to talk about Sam Falzone and his modesty astounded me. After a few shots of Jack Daniels that he needed to settle severe back pains he was having, I setup in his music room for the on-camera Interview. He spoke for about 30 minutes answering my questions and I ended using about 6 minutes of footage in my Film. He cried when he spoke of Don's death. He was pissed that Don was not getting his due and it simply made me fight more to get the name of Don Ellis known better in the world of jazz.

So for myself, Sam Falzone was a major influence within the making of The Don Ellis Story. His sax can be heard thoughout the Film as the group "Freebop" with Milcho Leviev, Jay Graydon, Sam Falzone and others contributed. Sam also is seen at The Concord Jazz Festival in 1968 pounding out his parts in the infamous "Bulgarian Bulge".

Sam's life for me will never be forgotton as a man that wanted Don Ellis legacy to be carried on. He did that better than anyone has ever done.

Thank you Sam!

John Vizzusi, Filmmaker
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