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SA-80II neck?

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I'm getting a new mouthpiece for my SA-80II tenor soon (making a day of it at WWBW), and I'm thinking aobut trying out some new necks for a darker tone. Before anyone gets a chance to point it out, yes I will be trying them separately. I'm going to try out MP's on my current setup and pick the one I want, Then and only then, I'm planning on trying out some new necks with the new MP.

Anyway, what would you suggest for a darker, more focused tone on my paris tenor? I seriously thinking aobut trying the Ref 54 neck (if they don't keep the neck's instock, i'll just try out a Ref 54 tenor, and throw the neck on my own horn). What else shoudl I try?
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You may have problems as the SA80 II octave rod is too long to accomodate the ref 54 neck due to it's angle. Other's here may be able to confirm this but I believe this to be correct .
good to know...i'll keep that in mind.

I'd heard good things aobut the ref 54 neck angle and metal content, so that's why I was gonna look at it.
The metal content of the 54 is standard brass.

Also try a Ref 36 neck, another Series II neck and WWBW does carry VII necks. Try out a ponzol neck as well.
I will be interested to hear what results you get with different necks, I have been tossing around the idea of trying a different neck on my series II alto.
You might want to also try the red brass Serie III tenor neck, or for more money, the sterling silver Serie III neck. I bought the red brass Serie III neck, and my Serie II tenor is now a different horn--fuller, darker, more open response. In fact it was so dark and compact with my Link mouthpieces that I shifted over to a SR Tech Pro to brighten it up.

If you look around SOTW you will find players say that the red brass Serie III neck has made this tenor sound more like a late Mark VI or in my case, a Balanced Action tenor.

I've read that people have gotten fine results with the Reference necks, too, but you will need a tech to make the adjustment.
I'll be sure to keep all of this in mind. The red brass neck sounds a lot like what I'm looking for tone wise.

I'll be sure to let everyone know what I come out with.
Just a thought, but you might want to pick a mouthpiece based on the mp/neck combo. You may discard mp A in favor of B, but there is the possibility with a different neck that mp A gives you more of the sound you want with the new neck.
I also remember being very happy with my Link 5* and (of all things)
a #3 Legere reed--it gave me a Getz kind of sound. I kept feeling guilty
because this was an artificial reed.

But since the new neck I haven't really looked back.
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