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Ryo Noda Improvisatin I

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So, I'm playing Improvisation I for a college audition, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to why I could find recordings and how to interpret some of the notation. I've looked around on line and can't find much other than it's based on Shakuhachi playing. All suggestions are welcome...
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I wouldn't go audition with the Noda piece... It looks easy but to play it correctly and properly is difficult because of the extended techniques. I'd just play maybe the creston or Heiden sonata, or movemennts from Tableux De Province.
which UC? I dont think any UC has a good Saxophone program.. I've heard diferent things about Masek In LA but from I know.. Cal state Long Beach has Jay Mason and doug macek teaching there, and USC and fullerton and James Rotter (LA Phil on call saxophonist). I'd apply for one of those.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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