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Runyon Shop!!!

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ive been thinking about starting to resell some runyons that i have or can get on this forum and maybe the odd bari make mouthpieces or ligatures.
i can sell these at lower prices than most shops sell them at so:

soprano runyon (any HR model) £15
soprano Runyon metal £25
alto runyon hr: £20
alto metal runyon: £30
tenor hr runyon: £25
tenor metal runyon: £35
baritone hr runyon: £30
baritone metal runyon: £40

who would think this is a good idea?
i am NOT actually selling these yet, i just want to hear about prices and whether or not people would buy them
and if its safe to do or not!
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Hi Dan

I have to admit I would be very tempted, although have a think about your trial policy, it would be great to have two or three at a time, with the option to return them, even for a small re-stocking fee (like some of the UK mail order people do). I am assuming with your prices in "£" you are UK? The prices seem very good, depending on the models you quote, for example the tenor metals range (from £184 upwards, starting with the XL smooth bore, your quote says £35, but didnt list the model.

You'll probably get some comments about running a business from the board though:)

If you do get up and running, please let me know!

Good luck
first, i can get any model except for the jaguar, and most other metal models are limited, i get them from a UK supplier who is no longer able to stock them so has to sell them at a submarket price, his stocks are slowly going, so i have to get this running fairly quick if at all
i am in the UK and postage would only be about £2 extra and i can offer postage insurance for another £1 so if it gets damaged i will return your money or send a new one.
by the way, this is not, NOT, not a business, i am jut reselling them to people on this website.
Let me know when you start selling them.
I definately would be interested. I am a big fan of the runyon pieces. Particualarly vintage ones.
What facings could you get them in?
i can get them in almost anything, give or take one number possibly,
well, if anyone gets interested, PM me and i will see what i can do
PM sent
PM sent also!
i am afraid that baritones are sold out and i only have one soprano piece left, it is a white HR quantum. facing 6 i believe
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