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Richard at Rhapsody repaired some damage and got it playable, kinda. There is a lot of wear on hinge-tubes and rods. It really needs a complete overhaul. Swedging, rod replacements, key straightening. All the parts are there. Nothing is missing or "broken," really. Just old and tired.
I don't know if it would be worth the investment to bring it up to snuff. I'm sure it can be a great player
The horn sounds pretty good. Authoritative, confident, really rich. But it isn't holding adjustment. It lasted about a day and I can see things starting to slide around. This is no fault of the tech. I didn't want to pay for a complete overhaul.

I instead took the horn back as is (with its brand new case) and will either hold onto0 it as decoration (or possible future overhaul) or sell it if I can find anyone interested in it.

BTW, for the short time it played the intonation was really pretty good with a Yamaha 5C mpc.

I ended up with the Buffet bari. So far I'm digging it.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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