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You agree, through your use of this SOTW Forum, that you will not post any material which you know is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, promotes Illegal/Illicit acts, or otherwise in violation of ANY law.

[EDIT 30/10/2020 note that use of emoji such as finger (the bird) against any member applies under this rule.]

In other words, a post that is slanderous/libelous is not humorous and legal action can be taken against you by the injured party.

You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material.

Spam, flooding, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also inappropriate for the SOTW Forum, may be deleted and the poster may be permanently banned after one offense.

You have the ability, as you post the first time, to choose your username. Note, you should only register once and could lose all privileges if we discover that you have more than one alias on this forum. At the same time a unique User ID (number) will be assigned to you.

You must keep the name appropriate for an all-ages forum. Memberships with an inappropriate user name will be deleted. You also agree to NEVER use another member's username to post messages.

Fundraisers are only permissable with permission from Harri, our Forum Founder. He can be contacted at

Note that it is impossible for the SOTW management to confirm the validity of posts on this Forum. Although the
posted messages are monitored, neither this Forum's provider, nor this Forum's administrator(s) nor moderator(s) are responsible for their content. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information presented.

Anyone who feels that a posted message/thread is objectionable is encouraged to notify the administrator(s) or the moderator(s) of this Forum immediately with the URL of the post/thread. The SOTW administrator(s) and moderator(s) reserve the right to remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. When a whole thread or part of it is removed, it may be necessary to remove replies to the deleted posts to maintain consistency.

Do not publically debate moderator actions.

You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this Forum, and any related SOTW websites. We at this SOTW Forum also reserve the right to reveal any information we have about you in the event of a legal action arising from any information posted by you.

Treat your fellow forum members with respect. Follow the golden rule. Your failure to do so could lead to your posting privileges being removed.


There are MANY different message areas here. Please try to find the one that is most suitable to your topic.

Cross posting to several areas is not allowed, because that will fragment the follow-up comments and dialog. If you feel that your post needs to be in several different areas, PM a Site Mod or Administrator and tell him the Topic Name of both areas you want your thread in and then wait for him to determine if your thread should be posted in multiple areas.

Editing of posts should only be carried to to correct typos or to clarify a point. You may not edit posts to remove your post history. It is especially bad to edit the contents of the first post in a thread which results in making a complete nonsense of the thread. This includes text, linked images and video media.

Bumping of threads in any area of the forum is not allowed. There an element of instant gratification that seems to come with posting to a popular forum such as ours but it is sometimes necessary to wait for a reply.

Do not use CAPITALS or special characters (e.g. ^^^^^*** !!!----) in the thread title to draw attention to your own thread.

If you cannot find an area suitable to post in, please post in the “Misc. Saxophone Discussion” area AND post a request for a new area in the “Topic Requests” area.


The French-language-only forum is the only category where non-English posts will be allowed. Because the SOTW staff is composed of English speakers, and thus can't screen posts in languages they don't speak.

If, however, you are a native speaker of a non-English language (or highly trained in a non-English language) AND you wish to moderate a non-English area, put a request in the "Topic Requests" area or contact one of the Admins or Mods.


Please keep this in mind: There has been a considerable backlash against the use of "l33tspeak" or "netspeak" on this Forum. An example of "l33tspeak":
.... i was wunderin if any1 new how i cud stop ...
While we're as hip as the next forum and we're, of course, kewl 'n' stuff, please keep in mind that this is a GLOBAL Forum and "l33tspeak" is almost
impossible for non-net-addicts to understand and regional slang is almost impossible for anyone outside the area where you live to understand.

We try to present this Forum as an exchange of information among peers AND from beginner to advanced professional and back again.

A rule of thumb: if you could walk up to and ask him a question, would you use "l33tspeak" or would you pick your words carefully and to try to sound as educated and as professional as possible? Keep in mind that some of those "greats" do post here!

Along the same vein, please try to keep spelling and grammatical errors to a minimum. As mentioned before, this is a global Forum. If someone with a passing knowledge of the English language comes here, copies your misspelled, ungrammatical post and runs it through a translator, like the one available through Google, it'll come out as gibberish.

If you have a difficult time getting your grammar or spelling correct, you could use ieSpell - ieSpell is a completely FREE spell checker which can be downloaded from: ieSpell - Spell Checker add-on for Internet Explorer

Click here for more info on how to use ieSpell.

Or, if you don't want to use ieSpell you can type your post in Microsoft Word or a similar product, and then copy and paste what you typed into the SOTW post editor.


Do not post any discussion regarding politics or religion. If you see any such posts, please report, do not reply to them.

This applies not only to posts you make but articles, videos, or other media you might link to. Such articles or media must not contain any material that could be construed as being of a political or religious nature. This includes news, commentary and images/videos of political or religious persons.

Anyone breaching this rule will receive a 5 point infraction on their record. Second offenses will be given an additional 5 point infraction resulting in a one month suspension of posting and membership priveleges. Three strikes, and you are out for good.

This issue is not only disruptive to the main theme of this forum board, it is also proving to be a nightmare for the staff to handle.

It should be obvious that SOTW is devoted to the discussion of Saxophones, and we intend to keep it that way. There are plenty of sites prepared and willing to handle the topics of politics and religion for those so inclined.

It also shows a contempt for the staff, and the forum by those who just can't, or won't, get the point.

Please refrain from this activity, or risk losing your posting privileges and membership.


A banner ad for your signature line or avatar is NOT permissible or acceptable. If you wish to place a banner ad on this website, please contact the administrators at [email protected].

If your signature has a link to a website that contains inappropriate material (see #1) or spyware/adware, it will be deleted and your permissions to use a signature may be revoked.

If your avatar is deemed inappropriate (i.e., someone complains about it and the mods/admins agree that it is inappropriate), it will be deleted and your permissions to use an avatar may be revoked. Also note, given that topics of religion and world politics are discouraged, that the same applies for avatars and signatures.

  • If you have a political/Religious Avatar or Signature: Please remove it
  • If you know someone that does : Contact a SOTW Staff member and we'll contact the member privately and ask him to change his avatar/signature.
  • If you are uncertain wheather your Avatar/Signature is acceptable: Ask Us :)

Play nice and enjoy the fraternity.

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Marketplace Rules


We have recently totally overhauled the marketplace rules. We are still evaluating and testing them so this is a work in progress. Please revisit these ruleswhen posting new items to check on any updates.

1. Marketplace eligibility

Eligibility for both viewing and participating in the for sale and want to buy sections are determined by:

a. If you were a member prior to June 16, 2013, you should have Marketplace Privileges regardless of your post count.*
b. For those members joining aft June 16, 2013, Marketplace Privileges are attributed after six months AND 50 posts relevant to saxophone or some aspect of music making. This does not include very short, irrelevant or "+1" type posts that are merely added to increase post count. Repeatedly making such posts will be viewed, and dealt with, as spam.

A minimum of fifty (50) relevant forum posts required in order to participate in Marketplace. Please understand the purpose of this rule is to establish you as a legitimate saxophone player/enthusiast. When deciding whether or not to deal with you, most SOTW members want some assurance that you are in fact a fellow sax enthusiast, and not someone who might have less than honorable intentions. Your forum posting history helps establish that. THIS IS NOT CRAIG'S LIST.

If in the judgment of SOTW staff you appear to be adding frivolous posts just to reach the 50-post minimum, we reserve the right to reset your post count and deny you access to Marketplace.

* Those who qualify, but need their permissions changed to access will still have to contact the staff to have this manually changed. Those who already qualify will be unaffected by this change, and still have full access.

Those who try to solicit or encourage using the forum's PMing feature or post ads outside of the Marketplace in order to avoid this restriction will have their offending posts deleted, and an infraction up to and including a full ban issued.


  • If you do not yet have marketplace privileges, you may ask general advice about buying a saxophone, but you may not ask either directly, or by implication, if anyone can sell you one. Nor may you mention you are selling one.
  • Members who respond in such threads, or via PM, offering an instrument for sale or about to be for sale or are in breach of this rule.

2. When posting an item in the marketplace, you MUST provide the following information:

a. Item name make, model (especially specify alto, tenor, etc.)
b. Asking price. This is not eBay.
c. Your shipping Location
d. Description in more details. Condition.
e. Email Enabled in your profile. Do not post email addresses on the forum.

[Admin edit 9/11/2020 : The email in your profile no longer applies since the software change, but you must still not post your email addresses in the post as it encourages spammers]

Do not use CAPITALS or special characters (e.g. ^^^^^*** !!!----) in the thread title to draw attention to your own thread. Any ad that does not comply will be automatically deleted. No hand holding as the rules are HIGHLY visible within every page of the Marketplace. The only reason our minimal requirements could possibly be missed when creating an ad would be due to indifference.

3. There is no bumping allowed.

Bumping comes from the term BUMP, which stands for: Bring Up My Post – In other words, bumping is the act of posting frequent updates in one's marketplace ad in order for it to appear on top of the forum page – Not only is this practice unfair, but it’s annoying and it can lead to “Bumping wars” which in turn cause chaos rather than the anticipated benefits. The OP CAN reduce the price (at least 2%), add pertinent supplemental info/photos etc. in successive posts within the thread however.

Bumping includes:

  • Still for sale
  • Sale pending
  • Adding a new FS item to the thread.

Due to blatant disregard of this rule, despite the huge and obnoxious warning banner at the top of EVERY Marketplace page, the following will take place:

1. First offense, the ad will be deleted with a warning left in its place.
2. If the offender does it again, their access to the Marketplace will be revoked.

4. Items for Trade

• One must still specify a price value for items for trade.
• Also specify “For Trade” or “FT” in the ad's title. Update November 25, 2013: Choose “For Trade” prefix before posting.

5. Ebay Auctions

Ebay auction may be listed in the marketplace as long as:
“Auction” or “Ebay” is specified in the thread's title
and provides only a link to the auction.

Of course, no bidding allowed in the forum and contact and transaction with the seller via Ebay only.

6. Relisting Items

After 2 months if your item(s) still has not sold you may (besides revising your price, shipping cost, description and other relevant details) ask us the permission to submit a new ad.

To do so, you must:
Email or PM your favorite friendly admin (i.e.: red usernames) to specify your intentions to re-submit a marketplace ad.
• Specify the URL of your old ad, so we may delete it to avoid possible confusions and make place for your new ad.

7. One item per ad
Post a new ad for each item. This does not apply to totally identical items, e.g. if you have two identical items (same color, size, shape material) you may say you have two of them. To avoid bumping, only post sold when both are sold.

If you have multiple items that you want to sell individually and as a package deal (with a lower price for the package) you need to create one FS thread for each item and one for the package deal. If the package deal is sold you should mark all FS threads as sold. If one of the individual items is sold you should mark that FS thread as sold and update the package deal FS thread.

8. The Marketplace is caveat emptor with no expressed guarantee or responsibility on the part of SOTW.
All transactions conducting within the Marketplace are solely between the buyer and seller. This includes any disputes that may occur as a result. SOTW will not mediate issues as a result of ads within the Marketplace sub forum. We are not in the business of running an online auction site, and provide this purely as a convenience for our established members to buy, sell, and trade We WILL look into issues of outright fraud such as payment made for a mutually agreed upon transaction, and the item never arrives etc. Anything else, contact the buyer/seller off line. The OP may contact the Admins to have their ad edited or to delete it/edit it due to errors, re listing etc. Use the /!\ REPORT button at the bottom of the post to reach us concerning this.

[EDIT PT 29/10/2020: Currently editing is possible. This may be temporary while new forum software platform is fully integrated and adapted]

We have elected to make the For Sale area read only.
Due to long term issues with improper decorum and tit for tat exchanges, SOTW has decided to make the For Sale area read only. A member may open a thread with their initial post/ad, and then discussion will be locked. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the seller/buyer off of the public forum. The OP will still be able to add posts to their thread. No editing of the ad is allowed, and no bumping. So the added content must be relevant and not "Still for sale" couched bumping and so forth (see above - bumping).

[EDIT PT 29/10/2020: Currently while editing is possible, the OP cannot add replies. This may be temporary while new forum software platform is fully integrated and adapted]

*The Merchant Area is for commercial sales. *
We have moved this out of the Marketplace proper and into the VENDOR area to make this easier to distinguish. All retailers/vendors must sell their items within this area, and not the member's Marketplace. The latter is for private, limited sales and not commercial sales. Vetted Merchants may request their own sub forum in the Vendor's area to promote and sell their products. It is free of charge, simply contact Lead Admin Saxismyaxe and one will be st up for you.

[EDIT PT 29/10/2020: This may have changed since the software update - please contact VSadmin for details]

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A reminder to the membership,

As we have mentioned many times before, all "What should I buy?" and "How much is it worth?" type inquiries belong in the ADVICE ON BUYING/SELLING A SAXOPHONE sub forum and nowhere else on the forum. Beginner questions seeking advice on purchases may also be posted in the appropriate WHAT SHOULD I BUY AND WHY sub forum in the beginners forum.

We are seeing a lot of misposted inquiries of these types recently.

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