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Rubber Meyer vs. Metal Meyer

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I did a wee search but surprisingly didn't come up with much at all for the metal meyer, and from reading what I came up with it seemed the metal meyer is a very unpopular piece. Why exactly is this?
My main piece is a Rubber Meyer 6M, but sometimes I get frustrated with the stuffyness and lack of projection, and wish it was a bit more lively sounding. I've tried many other mouthpieces, (Vandoren Java, Runyon XL, Claude Lakey, Brillhart, Berg Larsen, Selmer C*, Yamaha 4C) but always come back to the meyer because I love the feel of it.
How would the sound of a metal meyer differ from a rubber one? Would it still have the same meyerish sound, but with the added projection and natural brightness of a metal mouthpiece? Or would it just be playing the same mouthpiece in a new coat?
Also, since I love the feel of my meyer, would meyerish mouthpieces such as a Morgan Jazz or a JodyJazz HR* also be good mouthpieces to consider?
Also, since I already love the meyer, to get rid of stuffyness and projection problems, could I try moving up to a 7 and maybe getting a small chamber? Or would the small chamber destroy the round, lush meyer sound?
Sorry, so many questions. But please take me seriously, and if any of my questions have already been answered in other forums that I have not been able to find, I would appreciate getting the web links for them.
Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near a music store where I could go and try a metal meyer out, so any comments/suggestions would be greaty welcome.
Thanks in advance
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Hey thanks very much guys for your responses. So basically what I'm hearing is that the metal is very different from the rubber, ok good to know.
Crescent, you said that the Jody Jazz HR* will likely be too dark for me? It's interesting you say that, because I thought Jody advertises his HR* as "a meyer with more projection and brightness." (sounds too good to be true.!! haha). And thanks for the advice about a bigger tip mouthpiece with a lighter reed, I shall remember that.

Rini, what exactly does a refacer do to mouthpieces? Don't you usually assign them pretty specific tasks, like for ex. a bigger chamber or a bigger baffle? If I were to send my meyer to a refacer, what you recommend I ask to be done on it to achieve what I want? I'm not sure if I would know what to ask for.
Also, Rini you told me to have my meyer opened up a little bit. Could you please explain why in more detail? Is the only thing opening up does is add more projection? Can I do this myself safetly?
Well, maybe I shall check out the Morgan Jazz like Crescent suggested.
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Gary, thanks so much for all the information! I really appreciate it. Sounds like refacing is the way to go. And thanks for the comments on the JodyJazz as well. I shall definitely take it into consideration.
And about moving up to 3 reeds, I have tried, but never liked the sound I was getting from them. Too airy and breathy, I had to work too hard. However it's been about a year since I last tried 3 reeds, so maybe I shall give it another shot. As for different brands, I have tried many cane and synthetic reeds, but always come back to plasticovers. I just like the way they sound, and the extra little grit and clarity they offer to the sound.
jnewmann, I have heard good things about Rousseau. When I get the chance (and more money :) I shall certainly give them a try.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the help this forum always gives me.
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Ok, will do.
Thanks for all the help.
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