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Rubber Meyer vs. Metal Meyer

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I did a wee search but surprisingly didn't come up with much at all for the metal meyer, and from reading what I came up with it seemed the metal meyer is a very unpopular piece. Why exactly is this?
My main piece is a Rubber Meyer 6M, but sometimes I get frustrated with the stuffyness and lack of projection, and wish it was a bit more lively sounding. I've tried many other mouthpieces, (Vandoren Java, Runyon XL, Claude Lakey, Brillhart, Berg Larsen, Selmer C*, Yamaha 4C) but always come back to the meyer because I love the feel of it.
How would the sound of a metal meyer differ from a rubber one? Would it still have the same meyerish sound, but with the added projection and natural brightness of a metal mouthpiece? Or would it just be playing the same mouthpiece in a new coat?
Also, since I love the feel of my meyer, would meyerish mouthpieces such as a Morgan Jazz or a JodyJazz HR* also be good mouthpieces to consider?
Also, since I already love the meyer, to get rid of stuffyness and projection problems, could I try moving up to a 7 and maybe getting a small chamber? Or would the small chamber destroy the round, lush meyer sound?
Sorry, so many questions. But please take me seriously, and if any of my questions have already been answered in other forums that I have not been able to find, I would appreciate getting the web links for them.
Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near a music store where I could go and try a metal meyer out, so any comments/suggestions would be greaty welcome.
Thanks in advance
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crescent said:
Be aware that there is little relationship from the rubbber Meyer to the metal Meyer. The metal seems to be a marketing afterthought. I think they are restamped Guy Hawkins or something of that ilk.
That's right. I have both hard rubber Meyer 10M Tenor and Metal Meyer Gold plated 8M Tenor mouthpieces. They both have tips around .104-.105. And that's where the similarity ends.
The metal one is a typical babbit medium/small chamber piece with medium baffle and straight chamber side walls.
I also have a Guy Hawkins 6 metal mouthpiece. The Meyer metal and this Hawkins look like each others and even sound similar.
Very different from the hard rubber Meyer piece.

I also have a hard rubber Link 7* and a metal Link 7 NY. They both are darker than the rubber Meyer.
I would have the rubber Meyer refaced. And maybe opened a bit.
It would cost you less than a new mouthpiece in this quality class.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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