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I have been playing alto (yani) for almost two years and tenor for one.I am happy with my tenor mouthpiece, but never really settled on the alto. i have used the standard yani which is ok!! and I have an Otto link rubber 6* which I find stuffy and tires my lips after a while. Does anyone have any views on the RPC range. They sound good on the blurb, but I can only get to try one byplacing an order. Any info would be appreciated
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Call Ron and order one, I don't think you'll be disappointed...never played a better alto mouthpiece (90R) The roll-over has a dark sound and has a bunch of power behind it, with just the right amount of edge on top. The resistance is good enough to not be too free-blowing but not so bad that it wears out your embouchure. He'll make you a mouthpiece and play on it for a few months and adjust it(worth the wait) till it's absolutely perfect.

I have a 105B just recently I don't know if he makes them much...and it sounds pretty similar to the roll-over just slightly brighter, not at all edgy, just slightly less flexible. My normal 2M RJS feel slightly too hard but that's cool it blows down walls with it :) Little too loud for Jazz Band after I'm already burying our new lead trumpet with the 90R...
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I have two RPC alto mouthpieces, an .85 with a roll-over baffle and a .80 with a baffle, and both play extremely well. Most of the time I play the rollover. For playing jazz in an acoustic group, I prefer it to the other mouthpieces I have: a Morgan 7M, a Jody Jazz Classic and a Jody HR*, a Vandoren V16 and others. It suits me even better than my NY Meyer 5M I bought back in 1974 or so.
I played a 6* slant sig Fla. link on my alto for 15 years. I got one of Ron's 90R alto pieces a few weeks ago.

The link stays in the case.
I have both the rollover and the high baffled alto pieces and find the difference in their play is very subtle. Unlike my preference with tenor, I prefer the alto rollover in a more open tip, so I go with the 90V (which is now the standard 90R). Also, the alto high baffle is cut in a different fashion than the tenor high baffle model (alto, tenor and bari are all different animals, and Ron seems to understand this with his distinct cuts for each). But do call Ron. He appreciates calls from customers and will spend the time with you to help make the right choice. A new piece will take several months to be delivered, so keep that in mind. They are sometimes available on the second hand market (one alto piece just recently here on this board), but they're not common to it.
I had an rpc a long time ago -- I liked it , I don't remember why I got rid of it.

Its worth trying
looks like I better contact Ron! what ligature and reed type can you guys recommend? to go with the 90R
It's a reed friendly mouthpiece, believe me. Just about anything in 2.5 has worked for me (So far I've used ZZs, Javas, Superials, but I'm settled on RJS 2M Unfiled...)
diggerboy said:
looks like I better contact Ron! what ligature and reed type can you guys recommend? to go with the 90R
Just about anything, I use Rico jazz select, Rico plasticover, vandoren, some old la Voz I have lying around. This mouthpiece works well with any of them (2.5 is ideal for me)
I'm sure that Brian does great work but ahhh...Nope, gonna leave it original at a 6*, and in my drawer. I'll play it on special occasions.

(Isn't it unusual to find that open a tip on a Fla link?)
I'm confused if he was talking to you or diggerboy now ?_?
Maybe he was...Oops.

I still like Ron's pieces.
Rpc What About Lig?

right guys we are getting there now. I am getting a good feling about this piece, but what ligature works best with the RPC 90R?
diggerboy said:
right guys we are getting there now. I am getting a good feling about this piece, but what ligature works best with the RPC 90R?
Generic two screw ligature (like the selmer 404). When the piece is hand finished by Ron, no need for fancy ligatures. I do, however, use the same bonnade ligature that I've used on all of my alto pieces since 1976.
Yeah, he sends them with a two screw that fits it, and trust me after trying Eddie Daniels, FL, Optimum, Rovner...they're all the same...I use to used an Optimum just cuz it was laying around and it matched the lacquer of my horn :)
I wonder how an RPC would compare with my JJDV (alto) #6.... I'm struggling a bit with the DV to get the 'edgy' sound I aspire to (eventually).... any thoughts?

I'm going to call Ron later, but would be interested to hear from anyone who's played both.
diggerboy said:
...but what ligature works best with the RPC 90R?
Although Ron recommends the common two-screw, he will also tell you that some of his customers like the Francois Louis Ultimate and the Vandoren Optimum. I got hooked on the FL with my high baffle tenor RPC, as it really did help (perceived) low end response on my 10M, as advertised. I use a standard two-screw with my tenor rollover RPC though, as I don't like the added "ping" on that dark piece. However, I do like the FL on my 90V for alto and that's what I use for that piece.

Ron will ship his mouthpieces with a generic two-screw ligature, but the last one I got that came with a tenor rollover model was unusable as it tended to slip way too much. Made in China, I believe.
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