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RPC 115B vs. Lamberson 7DD

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I am an intermediate player looking to buy a new mouthpiece. I play in a classic rock band and we cover 60s/70s rock and blues tunes. We are also working on a classic rock inspired album. I own a 48' The Martin tenor, and I am about to buy an RPC 115B. I have talked to Ron on the phone, and read some things about his work on here. He recommended the 115B for the style of music I play.

One of my favorite players (Steve Beighton) has a sound that I really enjoy, and I believe he plays on a Lamberson 7DD. Here is a clip of him: running.wmv

The RPC's are a bit cheaper and less wait time, and I am leaning toward one - I just want to make sure I am making the right decision and don't regret not spending the extra money and getting the 7DD.

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Michael Ward said:
Steve is a good friend of mine in my hometown and we have recorded together many times. I recommended the 7DD to him as I also use one. The RPC is also a nice piece, a bit more open than the DD. I prefer the Lamberson.
I have recordings of me playing both. If you're interested in a comparison. Both on a Mark V1.
I would love to hear those clips.

Nefertiti said:
I played both of these for awhile. I found the tones of both piece to be similar. The Lamberson was brighter for me but felt more comfortable to play. The RPC played great and I really liked it but it felt too open for my tastes. If you are use to that 115 tip size the RPC will give you a sound like that I think.. I have a JVW link with a baffle that I use for that kind of stuff now. Good Luck. I have some clips on my site if you want to check them out. The live clips are more of that style I think. The video clip is with the 7DD also. Steve
I haven't tried enough mouthpieces to know what is too 'open' for me. Can you help clarify that a little more?

After listening to some clips and talking to Ron, I took the plunge and went for an RPC 115B!

Take Care,
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