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Roy Haynes Quartet

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Hello all,
I found a clip of the Roy Haynes Quartet featuring Marcus Strickland on Soprano on youtube. Here's a clip of one of the tunes

I happen to like Marcus' sound and energetic style on soprano on this tune, and wanted on have an idea of other folks impressions. I have heard him in other context, and still like his playing.
I especially like the entry into his solo; it was reminiscent of Trane and his Quartet.

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WOW, he does NOT look 82. But yeah, he's great! Very energetic, and has a great sound. Thanks for sharing =]
There's a whole bunch of 'retired' pros in their seventies and eighties that will knock your socks off. I play in a band with two former members of the 'wrecking crew'; trumpeter Ollie Mitchell, 80 and trombonist Slyde Hyde, 71.

At 51, I'm the second youngest member of the band (the drummer is 42).

We wail! Every rehearsal or gig we play is a lesson for me.

...and of course, there's my hero: tenor, flute, and vocalist James Moody, who I believe is also 82. I think Plas Johnson is also right up there.

They're all treasures and living history.
82 - he looks about 40!
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