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Rampone Cazzani R1 Jazz Gold Plated Alto
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I spoke with George from Rovner Products two days ago and he said, “Why don’t you just try it.” So today I took the ligature plunge and purchased a Rovner Platinum Gold alto ligature (from L&L Music in Gaithersburg, MD) to play with my Theo Wanne Durga 3 HR #7. My initial conversation with George was really about my new purchase of my R&C R1 Jazz alto and testing some necks but it ended in me considering to test the new Rovner ligature.

Let me just say that I have been using the past 5 weeks adjusting to the R&C with various setups. The short of it is that I’ve been using my Theo Wanne Durga 3 HR 7 and switching back and forth between a Vandoren Opimum and the TW Enlighten ligatures. I finally ended up using the TW Enlighten because it allowed my reed to vibrate well and it felt less stuffy and more focused. The only thing is that the altissimo seemed to be a little difficult to control on the G3, slightly pitchy on A3, and mildly brash. I was working on adjusting it until today...

I put on the new Rovner Platinum Gold with my TW Durga and WOW! My tone is nice and warm, focused, easily controlled from low B flat all the way through altissimo D4. The horn is more in tune throughout the horn with less adjustment. Altissimo G3 seems to be much more stable. Oh yes, my articulation including staccato is clear. Sorry TW Enlighten, Rovner Platinum Gold is my new combination with my Durga.

Thanks George!! I am impressed right out the box. Now I’m looking forward to the R&C X necks for alto.
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