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Just thought I'd drop a quick post of my experience with this thing over the last couple of months. Got it just before Christmas from SaxPlus. Props to SaxPlus! Got the thing with in a week of order!

I just wanted to try a different lig on on 6*STM and 7 NY STM. Mainly because the NY lig was just not nearly as good as the lig on the STM! I could make it work but, what the hay, I was suffering from a very small bout of GAS anyways I'm cheap and the EVO-5 just looked like it might be a good place to start. I didn't mind the possibility of it 'darkening' my sound since I tend to favor the lower harmonics anyways.

Rovner has ceased production on these and SaxPlus has them on clearance for ~$20 including shipping & handling right here in the good 'ol USofA so I figured it's a $20 experiment I could afford.

Bottom line is that it works extremely well, for me, (YMMV) on either mpc. Not so much on the STM but definitely on the NY mpc. It actually opened up the tone to my ears just a tad on both. Not an extreme change but something was discernible! Gave both mpcs a bit of a 'pop' to them. However, where I really noticed a change was in the response and ease of speaking. Perhaps this is related to the notes 'popping' out a bit better but there was a noted improvement in response. Oh yeah, this occurred regardless of whether the screws were on top or on bottom. My altissimo, being as is is, a work in progress, did not suffer a whit and actually improved a tiny bit, I suppose, based on the better response and better seal of the reed against the table as noted in the following.

What I did find out was that the EVO-5 actually sealed the reed against the table on both mpcs better that the stock lig. Best seal was achieved with the screws on top! Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken but apparently, with that concave table the stock lig, regardless of how tight, allows a bit of air to seep under the table causing the issues that somehow, previously I was able to compensate for subconsciously! (now that's a scary thought!)

Sure enough, going back and forth between mpcs and ligs, when I took the reeds off the mpc after using the stock lig, I could see a bit of wetness extending a ways down the sides of the reeds. No condensation observed in the middle 75% of the reed, just down the sides towards the edges! This does not happen with the EVO-5!

Oh, btw, I was using well broken in 2.5 Rico Royales and brand new 2H Rico Jazz Selects as my reeds on both mpcs. Horn is a Kessler Custom Deluxe tenor freshly tuned up the middle of last November.
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