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**First off, I stress that this is not my listing, nor do I know the seller. Bid with care, as always.**

I found this listing for a RAM30D/9 while browsing eBay. I know there are some people on here that would be interested in this mouthpiece, so this is essentially a PSA for users of SOTW. Also, I'm not sure what forum is entirely appropriate for this thread. Feel free to move it to wherever it should be, mods.

The Deep-V's really are fantastic and very well made; they were the precursor (along with the Eagle) to the JodyJazz DV line. And yes, they are as rare to find as the listing says they are... I had to look for several months to finally find the one (also a 9) I play on. I don't plan on getting rid of mine anytime soon, and I doubt most other users of them are, either. They haven't been made for several years, and I doubt they will start being made again in the near future.

This is the straight baffle model. Don't be fooled by that; they play quite bright. The good thing about the straight baffle ones is that it's very easy to add your own baffle to them.

The one in the listing is a 9, which is a .110". A bit big for most alto players, but it's actually not as difficult to play as the tip opening might indicate. The beak profile is quite small, though (think the old Level-Airs, but a bit narrower vertically).
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