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Rovner dark for bright soprano setup?

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I have been using Rovner dark on my soprano sax in the past 6 months since I started the soprano. The MP is selmer super session and reed is Rico Royal 2.0. Actually I like bright sound and I like to play pop or kenny g's songs. I chose rovner dark because it is a famous lig and but have no ideas it is good or not. Yesterday I tried my stock lig (not a selmer lig, it is a lig coming with my sax), a crappy lig I thought and seldomly use before (a very common 2 screw). Surprisingly, the sound is much better to me, at least brighter and louder. . I start to think that is it a mistake to put rovner dark on my setup since I like bright sound? Does the Rovner muffle my sound since super session mouthpiece is a bright MP?
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Sorry I forgot to mention, the stock lig is not a selmer lig (I certainly dare not say selmer lig is crappy one :)). It does not come with my mouthpiece. It is a very regular two screw lig and it is no brand name.
Dave, at first I really doubt the effect of lig on sound but now I did observe significant difference between rovner dark and two screw on my set up.
Thanks a lot for the suggestions! Now I get the concept how the rovner dark works to make "dark" sound and I agree that the effect of lig depends on many factors. Maybe after days of practice I will like the rovner again :)
After days of practise you may be good enough to not rely on a ligature to help shape your sound.
cannot agree more. I heard that the better your skills the less you will depend on the gears to make good tone.
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