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Rousseau NC3 vs. NC4

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Hi all,

I've been playing on a Rousseau NC3 alto piece for a few months now and I really like the sound that I'm getting out of it on my YAS-62. However, I've noticed that a lot of people that use the Rousseau New Classics are using the NC4 facing. One problem I feel that I'm running into with the NC3 is that, especially when using vibrato, I tend to choke off the notes, especially in the lower register. I know this is largely my own problem, but would moving to a more open facing help in this regard? I'm using Vandoren Traditional 3.5's right now. Mind you this is for classical playing.

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Nate94 said:
I happen to use the NC3 also. I had been playing an NC4 for quite some time, and then a friend let me fool around with his NC3 and I fell in love with it. I think that your problem sounds more like something that you're doing with your embouchure as you seem to already know. I think it would be wise to try an NC4 and see how you like the piece, although I don't know if switching mouthpieces would necessarily correct that problem. While the NC4 is certainly more common as you said, I think that it is an individual choice to make, and that trying them side by side would be a great experiment for you to do. Not to start an argument or anything, but I don't think that what mouthpiece you use is a good measuring tool for evaluating the maturity of your embouchure...everyone's different!
It's not a good tool, but it does tell us something about the jaw strength he is using vs. the jaw strength of an 11 year old.

The NC3 is a little darker than the NC4, but the NC4 is closer to a C* facing which is why more people use it. Use what works best for you!
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