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I play alto and tenor selmer s80's. On alto i currently use a rousseau jdx7(AJDX) mpc, on tenor a dukoff D6 (TD) .Through early trial and error (w/ plasticine) on a bland mpc I realised a (high) step baffle suited me best. But a step.
The AJDX and the TD were given to me because they suited.
The AJDX works just fine, but the TD has a graded baffle and I prefer a step.

I have never seen a tenor jdx (TJDX). Does it have the same step baffle?
If only the TJDX was EXACTLY the same style as AJDX only bigger.

Can someone tell me if the TJDX has the step baffle or show me a TJDX?
Or is there anything similar worth investgating (images welcome)? Thanks.
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