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What's up, SOTW! For those of you who are still into, like, buying music -- hard copies, digital, whatever -- and/or are looking into holiday shopping for fellow music-lovers in your life, the wonderful label Ropeadope Records is having a sale on all their artists right now. Enter the "dopeness" promo code at checkout to apply it. Here's the web store:

Full disclosure: yes, indeed, my band Progger is a Ropeadope artist. :) But there are many, MANY incredible artists in our amazing label family like Eddie Palmieri, Ghost Note (which features stellar saxophonists Jonathan Mones and Sylvester Onyejiaka), Terrace Martin, Christian Scott, Shaun Martin, Aaron Parks, Jonathan Scales, and countless more.

In today's content-saturated world, curators of quality are becoming more important than ever. Sure, there's tons of great music out there, but there's even more NOT great music. What I love most about Ropeadope is their dedication to curating genuinely innovative, interesting, compelling, high-quality, and great-sounding music, to the point that you could almost pick a random Ropeadope album, listen to it, and enjoy the hell out of at least a huge chunk of it.

Give their catalog a look! It's fantastic and we're honored to be in such company.
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