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I did not see a review on this piece yet so I just wanted to offer up my opinions on it. I bought this unit a month ago and have played about 10 gigs on it so far. I just wanted to share my experiences to add to the already huge pool of knowledge on here.

Model: Roland BA-330

Configuration: 4 x 6.5" Speakers, 2 x Tweeters

Features: Multi-channel with XLR and 1/4 input/output, 1/8 and RCA Stereo inputs, Tone control with on/off switch for each channel, Effects control (reverb, delay, and wide setting) with on/off switch for each channel, Anti-feedback switch, option of battery operation.

Cost: $599 (Seems everywhere I have searched it is listed the same price.)


After spending so many years playing sax directly through PA systems and always having to have someone else adjust my volume and control my sound, I finally decided to buy myself an amp. I tried this unit out in the local music store and was really impressed.

Out of all the amps I tried, which included a few Roland keyboard and acoustic chorus amps, I settled on this one. Playing through a Shure SM57, I was able to produce a sound that I was very happy with. The simple Low/High equalizer combined with the addition of a tone and effects control does very well in helping you produce a pleasant and natural sound. I have received quite a few compliments about my sound after playing through this system for about a month now. The anti-feedback capability is pretty nice as well, especially in tighter confines. It is not fool-proof though, so don't have any illusions that it is the miracle button.:mrgreen:

The great thing about this unit is that it is really a personal PA. You could take this piece out with a laptop or mp3 player for accompaniment and play everything through this unit with great sound quality for smaller indoor or outdoor/open-air venues. At 30 LBS., it is also fairly lightweight and easy to carry with a top mounted carrying handle.

One of the drawbacks I can see is high volume levels. This is not a piece you can use to compete with electric instruments in a really loud setting, i.e. rock-oriented shows or really large venues. The BA-330 does however have the capability of connecting additional powered speakers, which can be used to make up for this deficiency. Also, there is only a single effects knob that controls all channels at once rather than having independent adjustments for each channel.

I would have no issues in recommending this unit to any saxophonist that plays solo or smaller, lighter venues. The combination of sound quality, options, and light weight make the Roland BA-330 a great Amp/PA for most performance situations. I personally feel that the $600 price tag is worth it.
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