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In SOTW Blues, R&B, Rock n' Roll series:

Recommended Resources

Compiled by Neil Sharpe
Sound Clips/Interviews/History/General

Johnny Ferreira provides an overview of the history of the saxophone including sound clips from Rudy Wiedoeft, Ben Webster,Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Louis Jordan, Sam Butera, Big Jay McNeely, Sam the Man Taylor, and King Curtis.

George"Hound Dog" Lorenz; Alan Freed: In 1953, George and Alan Freed created a radiohaven for the new music called "rock n' roll", and played a pivotalrole in its ever increasing popularity, putting on shows throughout theNortheastern United States. During the 50's and 60's, with a fan club of nearly100,000 paid members and a show syndicated around the world, "The Great GeorgeL" strongly promoted R&B and Blues artists ignored by Top 40 radio stations andcharts. This is an archive from his radio show during the mid-60's as well astwo radio interviews with Little Richard; the radio hour features R&B fromthe early 50's, rock n' roll from the late 50's, and blues and r&b from themid-60's, with some great, sax driven, instrumentals. Thislink for Alan Freed (go to "Biography", "hear audioclips") provides sound clips from Alan Freed radio show from 1952-59with a video clip from the 1957 movie "Mr. Rock 'N Roll".

FatsDomino and Herb Hardesty: Nick Spitzer of National Public Radio has a profileof Fats Domino and his 1955 song Ain't That a Shame, "one ofthe most influential pieces of American music form the last century", whichfeatured Herb Hardesty on tenor.

Maceo Parker: InterviewJanuary 2000- The Saxist- An extensive interview with a pivotal figure in the development of funk.

Sax Shed, created by Skip Spratt, although focusing primarily on jazz,also features interviews with modern Rock and R&B players including BaronRaymonde, Aaron Heick, and the "Chops Horns", Darryl Dixon and Dave Watson.

WFMU provides an invaluable history of R&B disc jockeys and radio stations that featured R&B and Blues during the 1950's.

John Laughter and Steve D. Marshall: TheHistory of “Top 40” Saxophone Solos: 1955-2005: An invaluable resource, listing the sax players on many Top 40 hits inNorth America and England. A CDset (293 pages in MS Word) with bios/photos and 17 music tracks can be purchasedby contacting John Laughter @ [emailprotected]

JimDawson: NervousMan Nervous: (Big Nickel Publishing, 1994): A fascinating reviewof the flamboyant swing and jump blues saxophonists and their critical influenceon rock n” roll and rhythm and blues. This book includes bios of Big JayMcNeely, Joe Houston, King Curtis, Chuck Higgins, Hal Singer, Big Al Sears, Sam"The Man" Taylor, and more.

JimDawson and Steve Propes, What Was The First Rock 'n' Roll Record? (Boston: Faber & Faber, 1992). An insightful review into the recordings that helpedto shape rock 'n' roll between 1944 and 1956. This link reviews their listof candidates.

LianeHansen: "Saxophone's History as the Devil's Horn": Michael Segelldiscusses his book, The Devil's Horn:From Novelty to King of Cool. It follows the history of thesaxophone through more than 160 years as a controversial classical, jazz androck instrument.
The live interview can be heard on NationalPublic Radio.

David Sanborn: An acclaimed session player, who performed with such artists as Paul Butterfield, B.B. King and Little Milton, David Sanborn has enjoy a successful solo career.
David Sanborn Interview

Deke McGee’s website provides some great information about player’s setups, who they played with, and recommendations for some great R&B saxophone on vinyl and CD.

Artists- Sax on the Web Discussion Threads

Clarence Clemons

Mel Collins

King Curtis

Sax Gordon

Freddie Mitchell- Unsung Giant

Johnny Paris of Johnny and the Hurricanes

Greg Piccolo

Clifford Scott

Rock And Roll Sax- The Last Ten Years-Who's Interesting

Sound- Sax on the Web Discussions

HowTo Get That Rock Sound- an interesting discussion including an insightfulanalysis of recording techniques and equipment for King Curtis

What’s Your Favorite Rock Set-Up?

Rock n’ Roll Saxophone Style

R&B/R&RTone- Past and Present


Johnny Ferreira: How To Play Killer Blues And Rockin' Sax Solos With 7 Notes Or Less [Kindle Edition]

Paul Deville: Universal Method for Saxophone (Paperback)(Appa the Association of Higher Education)

JohnLaughter: Rockand Roll Saxophone Hal Leonard Corporation (October 1, 2000)

TimPrice: "HotRock Sax- Techniques, Licks And Effects". Hal Leonard Corporation(March 1, 1995)

BootsRandolph: "Rockand Roll Saxophone": Hal Leonard Corporation; Book & CD edition(March 1, 1998)

DennisTaylor: "BluesSaxophone- An In-Depth Look at the Styles of the Masters"- Hal LeonardCorporation (December 1, 2001)

PeteYellin: Improvising Rock Sax ": Music Sales Corporation (June 1983)

Henri Weber: Sax-Acrobatix (abook on effects- scanned)

Steve Douglas: Rock And Roll Saxophone (video)

Pete Thomas: Jools Holland "Music Makers" Saxophone Tuition DVD for Beginners. (all proceeds go to charity).

Deke McGee: Learn to Play Rhythm 'n Blues Saxophone for Bb Tenor (2004)


Tim Price: A Long Look At The Blues- SOTW- Parts One and Two

Pete Thomas: Saxophone Lessons and Articles
Pete Thomas: Howto Play a Rock and Roll Saxophone Solo

Saxophone Solo Transcripts, Horn Charts

Curtis Swift: If you need a solo transcribed, or if you would like to obtain a solo already done,please contact Curtis for more information at transposing and music notation services also are available.


Paul Harris, a regular contributor to Juke Blues magazine, Bristol,England, and to Now Dig This magazine, Gateshead, England.
Contact:[emailprotected].Terms negotiable. Full lists of artists available can be supplied from the sameaddress. Please state musical genre required.

Photographs of the following players are available:
LeeAllen, Hal Ashby, Sam Butera, Jimmy Cavello, Joey D'Ambrosio, Charles 'Chucky C'Elam III, Jimmy Forrest, Grady Gaines, Herb Hardesty, John Hart, Chuck Higgins,Joe Houston, Plas Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Fred Kemp, Walter Kimball, ****ieLandry, David Lastie, Andrew Love, Preston Love, Lannie McMillan, Big JayMcNeely, Jamel Mitchell, James Mitchell, James Moody, Robert Parker, Sidney 'HotRod' Reynaud, Chuck Rio, James Rivers, Harry Simoneaux, Hal Singer, Jim Spake,Buddy Tate, Willie Tee, Pete Thomas, Lionel Torrence, Alvin 'Red' Tyler, JuniorWalker, Noble 'Thin Man' Watts, Paul Williams.

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