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Has anyone played the Roberto's Winds tenor sax yet? I'm wondering how it stacks up against the orig. Yamaha 62. I have access to a used 62 for the same cost as the RW.
I played one at Roberto's shop recently---the pro model that's about $3000, in lacquered brass. I liked the Mark VI's I tried better, but they didn't put Roberto's to shame. Very consistent tone throughout all registers, reminded me a little bit of the (few) recent Selmer's I've tried. Good middle-of-the-road tone, very stable, with some buzz to it but not as bright as my Yamaha (YTS-23 student model). I found it a bit less responsive than the Selmers, and the tone less complex. Reminded me of a more modern Selmer I played recently (Serie II 54 Dir tenor...)...there was something slightly "tame" about that Selmer that this shared, though I found Roberto's a bit more open, less complex, more straightforward than the Ser. III, not necessarily a bad thing. Very solid sound, but somehow not as focused and as flexible as the VI's. I didn't feel I was able to get as great a range of tone qualities out of it as I could out of the VI's, either. This is all very subjective... bottom line is, seems worth trying.

I asked, and was told that indeed it is made in Taiwan. I think it's definitely worth checking out if you're in NYC and in the market for a sax... I would NOT buy it without playing it, of course.

As for me... I now want one of those Mark VIs.... but those prices... what to do...?
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