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Robert Anchipolovsky on his 10mfan Generation ll Showboat 7 alto mpc----enjoy.

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Hi guys,
Robert Anchipolovsky just sent this to me. He just posted it on Youtube a couple hours ago.
Its him on his Generation ll Showboat 7 alto mouthpiece. Just some killer playing at his home recorded raw on his phone with no mic or effects.


I sell these hand finished hard rubber altos for only $350, all year round now.

Come visit the website.
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Hello brother Tim!
I wish I could’ve seen you and Arnie live together. That would’ve been an absolutely killer show.

As I tell Robert, “You are the keeper of the flame”.
He really is carrying on the beautiful bebop tradition that our heroes started. It’s a joy to hear him and grateful that he is so happy with this mouthpiece.

I hope you are doing fantastic, my friend.
Thanks Bill. These new pieces are just so much better and the feedback from everyone has been phenomenal. Players of all levels will really enjoy these so much. Of course I am thrilled that Robert loves my pieces so much.
He just did a tour all over Russia and kept writing me to tell me how great the mouthpiece was and how much fun he is having .
The new pieces just play so much better for me, all over. I hate to sound like a broken record, but that’s how I feel from the bottom of my heart. I find the playability to be so much better and they are more even playing.
I will have your size here in about 10 days, so send me an email and if you pay for the shipping, I can send it to you to check out.
You have been a great support and I am happy to do that.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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