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Robert just sent this to me. Here he is showing the gentle side of the new Generation ll Showboat alto mpc.
Its his full time piece now and he is using a 7 tip with a Marca reed.

Selmer Reference 54 alto
Marca reed
Gen ll Showboat Alto Mpc

I sell these for $350 all year round now.

So happy to have lowered all my prices because business has jumped, and players are even happier.
I can't express how appreciative and grateful I am for all the great feedback and support.

These are made from German bar stock hard rubber and meticulously hand finished one at a time.
This is the year of giving back!

If you want alto mouthpieces that aren't Meyer copies or "tweaked up" versions of Meyers, come check out my Daddy-O and Showboat models. All original designs.

Come and visit the website:
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