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I'll bet a lot of you have stories like to two I am going to share in one post. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am liking SOTW. Under the title "Jazz gets no respect":

Newport Beach, California.
I was walking by a club and I saw a stage in the indoor bar. The waitress was cleaning and setting up tables out on the deck. In those days, you could smoke inside, so the deck wasn't only for smokers. Anyway, I walked over and asked her, "Is there live music tonight?"
She immediately replied, "Uh, no." But then after a beat,

"Well... ya, just jazz."

No respect I tell you!

Jazz is repetitive...

I don't remember what city this was, circa 1972, touring with blues violinist Sugarcane Harris. Don was a classically-trained violinist who played with Frank Zappa, played bass with Little Richard, and wrote the song "I'm Leaving it All Up to You" with his partner in "Don & Dewey", Dewey Terry. The bass player (Victor Conte, Tower of Power and Herbie Hancock Monster Band) and I had a couple of women in the dressing room before the gig. At that time, we were heavily into Ron Carter, Richard Davis, Trane, Wayne, all the best, right?

We put on an Ornette Coleman tune. It might have been "Round Trip" which was transcribed in Downbeat. One of the women said, "I don't like jazz. It's so repetitive!"

So we're talking, and messing around, tuning up, and just partying. Ornette plays the head and launches into a 5-minute solo. We're still talking and messing around, when the head of the tune comes back, 5 minutes later and the same woman says, "See, so repetitive!"

She recognized the head of an Ornette Coleman tune after a 5-minute chorus!

Add your stories here.
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