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Ridenour Contras

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I know I have not posted since 2009 about the BBb Ridenour Contra prototype. Just wanted to let everyone know that it is holding up nicely. I use this as a primary
instrument with the Communuty Band that I play with. It gets hauled from the
house to rehearsals once a week and played several times a week at home
rehearsing. I am also using the BBb in a clarinet choir that we started up.

The horn still meets my expectations. solid built. I did get Walter Grabner
recently to make a new mouthpiece and it has opened the sound up even more.

I still love the case and the 2 piece body. The stool has not been an issue, I
found a foldup stool at Bed Bath and Beyond that has worked perfectly.

I have heard on multiple board that they keys on the low clarinets that Ridenour builds to be week, but I have had no problems with bent keys on the BBb contra prototype.

Recently I saw a hint from Ted (Tom's son) that there may be another protype available. I called and talked with them both and here is what it is.
It is a EEb contra in the same configuration as the BBb that I already own.
After taking up alot of thier time we agreed on arrangement and the EEb
prototype is on its way to me. I posted the pictures of the horn that Ted sent
me on my FaceBook.!/bobbymacmcclellan.
It is the same set up on the case as the case for the BBb. I currently own a
Vito EEb but the 4.5 foot case is a pain to deal with and I am pretty sure it is
due for some pad work that is near impossible to get done local. So with the
support from Tom and the consistant results of the BBb I ordered the EEb Prototype.

I asked Ted the prospects if this going into production, and if I could put
comments out about it since there was really no word that this horn existed. He
said that this is a "possibility" but no definate as of yet. Ted did contact me and said that they will have a couple fo the BBb contras instock mid Feb.

I will post more about the EEb after it arrives.

Bobby M
Flowood, MS
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The EEb contra arrived today. I did not have time to play on the horn as of yet. Visual inspection. looks well made, (exact same configuation as the BBb prototype that I currently have). Case is very nice being a "protec" type of case instead of the heavy wood case of the Vito EEb I currently own. I added a couple pictures of the key setup and posted them on my facebook with the other pictures if anyone wants to take a look.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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