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Rico Royal Metalite Fans!

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Hey all,

I had gotten curious about why the metalites had been discontinued so I decided to write someone at Rico with some questions. Suprisingly, I got a rather fast response from them. Here was there response:

"Hello Joshua,

Thanks for the email. I appreciate the feedback and have already passed the email on to our R&D department and Marketing department to log your email. We receive quite a few emails and requests for the Metalite mouthpieces and appreciate hearing about how they work for people and the good results artists have using them.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good answer why we stopped producing them. But, if people keep asking for them, the product could possibly be re-introduced.



Rory Mazzela

Artist / Educator Relations

D'Addario & Co., Inc.

Over 100 Years of Excellence in America"

So, I'm suggesting that people e-mail the good people at Rico and suggest that they revitalize the metalite line. Whether you like the metalites or not, they give people without the funds for lawtons or various vintage pieces, an inexpensive alternative that sounds good. Also, the prices for these have become somewhat outrageous.

For those who are interested, I contacted Rico through their website @
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hmm... worth a shot! I just sent a similar request.
Because of their low price, there was always a snob aspect associated with Metalites. I have just discovered Metalite mouthpieces and I love mine, a No.11, which I currently favour over my excessive selection of expensive metal pieces.
Do not be fooled by the low price, it is the equal of most streamlined, gold plated, £300 "Carlos Fandango" mouthpieces.
Another advantage is that, being cast, their consistency, one to another, is second to none. I have two "identical" Otto Links, one is excellent and the other an absolute dog.
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Good thread. I too have always wondered why they discontinued the Metalite.

Although I'm not as enamored with these Rico pieces as some, the Metalite stands out above the Graphtonite as the better of the two IMO.
If you can persuade Rico to re-manufacture the excellent Metalite, may I suggest the following alterations, purely aesthetic. :-
1/ Make it less bulky...more streamlined.
2/ Lose the sandcast external finish which belies the internal superb diecasting.
3/ The colour is dreadful; a mixture of glue and melted down slot machines...let's have it in smooth gold or silver (preferably a choice).
wow, haha, I have honestly never heard about a mouthpiece with that name, but now I'd like to check it out....
I sent them an email as well. I've never played a Metalite, but if what people are saying is true and they are even better than the Graftonite, I'm sold.:)
Different to, rather than better.
The Graftonite is a middle of the road mouthpiece, whereas the high baffle Metalite is a R&R howler. Having said that, it has a great bottom end, can whisper and subtone with rock solid altissimo.
In my opinion, if it were made by Carlos Fandango... made of bell metal, streamlined, and gold plated, we would be rushing to pay £200 for it.
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I have a complete set of Carlos Fandango mpcs, and they rock! Well worth the money! Did you guys know he makes them out of discarded New York taxicabs?
In response to Captain Beeflat, I have no influence on the design of the metalite or the re-introduction of the line. I just really like the mouthpiece and recently paid 70 bucks for a replacement of one I had that was damaged in a tragic stagelight/melting incident. Hopefully rico will come to their senses if enough people contact them about the piece. Here in chicago, it's rare to see bari players without these pieces whether it's their primary or back-up piece.

So, again, I urge you all to contact rico and ask for the reintroduction of this fine line of mouthpieces.

There is a little music shop here locally that I was in last weekend.

I was checking out some more Graftonites when the owner told me he has a couple of boxes in the basement of Metalites.

I don't know if he's a computer guy but I'll let him know about this site and if he wants to post something here.

Maybe I can drop by and see he has and let you folks know.
Oh my god, that would be great! Please do! Thanks =]
OK - I went to the shop to see what he has.

I asked him about coming to but I'm not sure if he will.
I asked him about shipping to people who contact him and he seemed OK with this.

The shop is A-K Music in Lower Burrell, PA 15068 and his number is 724-339-4333.

He has:

Alto M7 - well, not anymore - I JUST BOUGHT IT !!
Tenor M7 and M5.
He says he has a few Bari pieces in the basement but didn't get a chance to find them.

Sorry there aren't more since that's the impression I had from our last conversation.

If it's against policy to post a dealer and his info just edit this post and let me know.
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I'd be the one that you'd have to pry My Graphtonite B-7 out of my Cold Dead Hands. UNTIL I tried a Metalite M11... OH MY GOD! My buddy isn't getting it Back LOL I'll Buy him another Graphtonite to replace it before I give that Mouthpiece up. It's like a Perfect Match to my Grassi Baritone.
I just sent Rico an email, as well,
asking them to consider reissuing the Metalite line.
I have not played one and would like to try one on tenor.
So, a #11 would be a good one?

I know this is an old thread
but it may help if more emails were sent to Rico.
The number relates to tip. The 11 is a substantially open mouthpiece. The 7 or the 9 are probably more than open enough, but that's your call. On bari, my B7 is more comfortable than my M11, but the Metalite sounds better to my ears.
Thanks BT.
Also, I sent Rico an email last month, and they didn't even respond. I doubt they care if we like their piece. I suggest someone make a copy and market it as something else... You'll be stepping into a gold mine...
This is a great coincidence.

A young fellow that plays with my little church group is going to vo-tech school to be a machinist. Two days ago I handed him a Rico Metalite M9 for soprano and asked if he could copy it. He said he was just now taking a basic CNC course but it wouldn't be long.

So, you never know. ;)
I suggest someone make a copy and market it as something else... You'll be stepping into a gold mine...
That's a good idea. I recently bought a tenor M7 piece on SOTW. I think it's great. I paid $50 for it. Some people think that's too much for a piece that originally sold for less than half that. But if they don't make them anymore, they're worth whatever someone will pay. If you could copy it and sell it as .. uh .. a Royco Rio Metabolite, you could make a small pile of dough.
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