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Rico Royal Grafonite or Rico Metalite?

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I play bari sax for marching band, but the problem is that I have no mouthpiece to use. I play on a metal Otto link in all other settings. So, I don't have another bari piece to use, and I can't spend any more than about $25. At first, this sounds ridiculous, but Rico offers two great mouthpieces for under that price: the Grafonite (which I've used, and loved, on soprano sax) and the Metalite. Which one would you recommend, and, if possible, what facing? (other mpc options are welcome, too!)
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would that use a tenor or bari ligature? i noticed that grafonites use a tenor lig.
I don't know. I think the metalites have about the same body dimension as the graftonites, but I don't know for sure. I have a big box of generic 2 screw ligatures in different sizes -- I dig around until I find something that fits well. Your local music store should be able to set you up with a good-fitting ligature for $5 or so
standard tenor sax lig =metalite
I have one of each for tenor and prefer the Metalite. For Bari, I think I would go with the Graftonite. It can have a bit less edge but also should be a bit more responsive. Given your budget, I think the Metalite may be a tad too expensive. Shop ebay, the internet and don't forget Amazon. I got one of my tenor Grafs for $14 shipped there.
FWIW, I gave away my Graftonite bari after I got my Metalite bari.
I have two Grafonite mouthpieces and I think the B5 sounds better than the B7. With a Fibracell reed its an amazing sound out of a $14 mp.
As someone who has lots of Graftonites and Metallites for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bari - I would recommend the Metallite for Bari.
I have used a Rico Royal M7 Metalite with an Olds Parisienne for a number of years and had no reason to go to another even though I do have a couple other hard rubber mouthpieces. I traded the Olds and bought an overhauled King Zephyr big bell bari. With two completely different designs I have had great results with the Metalite. This has always been my main bari mouthpiece. It is easy to blow and gives a huge fat punchy sound. I use Rico Royal 2 1/2 reeds and a standard tenor sax ligature. I don't think you can go wrong with the Metalite. Check out the Metalite thread.
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