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Rico Grand Concert Select models

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I will be odering some reeds and was confused about how the Evolution and Thick Blanks compare. Is the Evolution between the Thick Blank and Traditional? The marketing hype says all 3 have more heart.

Also I'm curious about how folks say the GCSs compare to trad vs V12 Vandoren and to regular vs Quebec cut Legeres.

For those who haven't tried them, the Grand Concert Selects are quality reeds that don't die very quickly, unlike other Rico reeds. So far they seem more consistant than Vandoren clarinet reeds. I only wish Rico made as good a saxophone reed!

It's been my experience the traditional blank GCS is a bit darker than a traditional Vandoren and works better on a legit type clarinet mpc.

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MM said:
I only wish Rico made as good a saxophone reed!
Do you play alto? The new Rico Reserve is supposed to be great by all accounts I've heard. I'm not sure if they're widely available just yet. I think there was a thread here recently about this.
Anyone out there try the Grand Concert Select ordinary vs Evolution vs Traditional Blank? Seems that the ordinary ones are the cheapest.
I have tried all three types of the Rico GC reeds. I haven't tried the Reserve which are supposed to be very good too. I can't really describe the differences since I don't remember the specifics, but all three of the GC reeds are very good imo. The shape of the end of the reed is much rounder than Vandorens (and I don't know what this means). If I remember correct, both Evolution and Thick are the same thickness and I think the regulars are thinner, but I'm not sure. I would try all of them if I were you to see what you prefer and if you notice a difference.
Here's a sad update. I had been playing from a box several years old. The reeds are marked with an insignia with an overlapping G and a C with a circle around them, with the word "Select" underneath. I just bought a new box and these reeds are crappy. The are marked "Rico Grand Concert Select." Oh well, back to Brand V...maybe I'll try Legeres again too.
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