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Wow! Thanks for posting that - I had not heard of it before. Ritchie was hanging in there with Boots on YS but Boots got him one time on the 'stutter-tongue/cluck' - I don't think Ritchie knew about that effect, and don't ask me to explain it, because its unexplainable. And on the ballads, Boots was as much himself on the USA/Dukoff as he was on the MK VI/Brilhart.

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Very nice video of two fantastic players with a good sense of how to enjoy music and entertain a public. :)

Boots sounds and plays fantastic here, he sounds very close to the late Jimmy Forrest when he played a Berg Larsen in his Basie time. Even the way they stand is very close, check this video:

Richie plays great and has a fantastic act too. Check how he moves after that fantastic blues solo at 10:25 and after, keeping on shaking his body till after his solo. Great showman!

I'm glad to have seen both live here in NL too.

Thanks for sharing. :)

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Geez you guys,
This has me wondering how many other 1980's videos are floating around out there that we may not know about. VHS tapes thrown in some random box in some random basement.... I had never heard of BetaGems until this video popped up on Youtube. I forgot that PBS used to air this stuff...

In my mind, there is now no question that a well-set up 164/162 is a great thing.
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