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Ribbed vs. post keywork effects on tone and responce

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While reading through past threads I've seen a few references stating post construction Yanis are more lively in tone and response over their ribbed counterparts. While I own a SC-992, I never took the time to A/B it with a 901/902 series. It's a lively sounding horn as is.

Now I'm looking into a Yani tenor. There's no specific thread I've looked at that discusses any advantages or disadvantages of construction in terms of tone and/or response. So I ask the question. I mean... Is it really worth the extra bucks for the ribs? Is it all such a small difference that there's little to think about?

It would seem to me the T-901 would be the lighter of the two and that could make for some noticeable difference. I plan on play testing some Yanis in the couple weeks. So, I'm interested in your thoughts.


btw... I never liked ribs 'cause they stick between my teeth ;)
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TJ: I think it is another myth. We can parse all this technical stuff to death, but it boils down to the individual horns and the players.

I mean . . . how do it know?!?!

It would take hundreds of side-by-sides to objectively conclude that posts vs. ribs made a difference and/or to isolate those factors from other factors that make a nice playing/responding saxophone.

This to me is like the finishes' debate or the resonators' debate, etc. I have saxophones of both designs (and have played many more of both designs) and there are those that play well and those that don't. How can anyone say it is because of the ribbing or the posts?

But if someone wants to believe it, so be it. DAVE
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